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Outgoing Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer will likely get $186m payout | Technology | The Guardian

One persons contribution isn’t worth this much.

Before Standardised Time

Standards work sometimes: Before time was standardized in the U.S. Page from an 1874 railway schedule Source via this Source

I Love Ad Blockers For Lots of Reasons

Things about web-based advertising that offend, upset and annoy me enough to install an ad-blocker.

ScienceShot: Want to Understand This Article? | Science/AAAS | News

With a new crop of speed-reading products on the market, psychologists decided to dig a bit more and uncovered a simple explanation for RSVP’s flaw: Every so often, we need to scan backward and reread for a better grasp of the material. Researchers demonstrated that need by presenting 40 college students with ambiguous, unpunctuated sentences […]

Done With Unicorns & Bacon

There are a very few themes & tropes that survive the test of time and Shakespeare got to most of them first. I think I first started with the Unicorn theme in my writing at the peak of the marketing hype for Cisco UCS in mid-2009 when the “social media evangelists” of the day (all […]

Response: The Internet Killed the Traditional Marketer & New Influencers

I’m not a big fan of what passes for marketing as perpetrated by incumbent technology companies. It’s tone deaf & consistently irrelevant to me. Many others have shared similar opinions. As a “new media influencer” (I just made that up. Yes, I hate myself) I have a few points to make following a blog post from Lisa Caywood highlighting that gap between mass broadcast and point publishing (i.e. blogs, podcasts, SoMe).