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My Thoughts on iPhone 7 2016

  Background: Our household buys one new iPhone a year and then passes them around. This year I get the iPhone and I not really happy. The total cost is much higher than previous years and the headphone arrangements is really poor. No … [Read more...]

Don’t Do Crowdchat

I'm often invited to participate in Crowdchat sessions on twitter. The answer is always no. Here's why: I have found my followers complain about the pointless chatter that Crowdchat creates. 140 characters limitation makes Twitter a … [Read more...]

Warren Ellis on Proof Reading in MS Word

I hate Microsoft Word. I loathe it with an special passion I have for things that never work, bugs in commercial software, and the fact that I have to use the worst software because "lowest common denominator" always wins. Dammit mathematics how … [Read more...]

10 Types of Networking Sh*t

The Ten Types of Networking Shit: Spanning Tree Cabling Getting paid jack Security ITIL Routing Vendor Change Knee deep in … [Read more...]

Set the Bar Low, Be A Winner

A motivational poster to cope with technology vendors.   … [Read more...]

Technology Evangelist

Saw this, instantly thought of people who call themselves "technology evangelists" … [Read more...]

CIO Cancels The Project

The engineer is getting on with the project and the CIO cancels the deal. Source: … [Read more...]

You Can Never Be Lonely On The Internet

You can never really be lonely anymore. The Internet is always here to criticise you. … [Read more...]

Dress Sweat Pants – Pinstripes Make It WTF

So, sweatpants for $120 ? Rich kids and their money. Hat tip to @beaker   … [Read more...]

Kitchen Hack – Slicing Salad Tomatoes

Oh yea, so going to use this tip. … [Read more...]