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A Content Strategy For Biggest Audience or the Best Audience

The thing about writing content for the largest possible audience is that you must write intentionally for the majority of readers. As the audience grows, you have to write content to that is simpler and plainer. The largest number of people will now … [Read more...]


This word and meaning took my fancy. mediatization, n. [‘ In Germany under the Holy Roman Empire: the action of reducing a prince or state in position or power (see mediatize v. 1a); the condition of being mediatized. Now hist.’] Oxford English … [Read more...]


Endurance. Sustained effort no matter what happens..  Patience, persistence, failure, success - no matter what happens you just keep going. Aspects of enduring effort. Motivation, winning & success are transient ephemeral moments of … [Read more...]

My New Favourite Word: quass – Oxford English Dictionary

I have a new favourite word: quass, v intr. To drink copiously or in excess; to quaff. via  quass, v. : Oxford English Dictionary. … [Read more...]


The Oxford Dictionary "OED Online Word of the Day" has popped out a doozy today: agathism, n. - The doctrine that all things ultimately tend towards good, although the means by which this comes about may be evil, unpleasant, unfortunate, etc. I … [Read more...]

Social Media Lunch Meeting

Without comment when a group of Engineer who are strong on using Social Media for sharing and learning. … [Read more...]

Ukelele Jam – Better Than It Sounds

Was catching a quick shifty after work at a local bar and noticed this sign above a doorway. The doorway led to a basement area with a bar and large number of smelly hippies and their ukulele's. "Better Than It Sounds" … [Read more...]

Network Field Day 5 – Disturbing Images

Wonkaverse Jon Hudon @the_solutioneer published this disturbing image to his twitter feed: … [Read more...]

Philter – The Blossom Chronicles – Snippet teaser – YouTube

Looking forward to the release of this album. via Philter - The Blossom Chronicles - Snippet teaser - YouTube. … [Read more...]

22 Yards to Next Pub

Sign outside a pub exhorting you to come in but pointing out it's 22 yards to next one. … [Read more...]