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Grumpy Clown on A Rollercoaster

This picture resonates deeply. Source unknown. … [Read more...]

Which light takes you home 

the three lights Tell me a different way home  Hearth, street and country  And I cannot decide which way to go    … [Read more...]

Happiness That You Don’t Notice

What you really want is the happiness that you don't notice because its always around you.   … [Read more...]

Apple MackBook USB-C Connector is a “Docking Station”

  Many people look at the Apple USB-C port on the MacBook and complain about missing ports on the computers. I see the docking station accessory I have always wanted. A single plug that connects to all the devices when I get to my desk. … [Read more...]

Never Too Late

I read this quote in a book: "It is never too late to be what you might have been. George Eliot" What came directly to my mind is "I'm not too older to keep trying to be what I might be". … [Read more...]

Video: PLUG – SciFi Short Film

Directorial debut from internationally renowned designer and concept artist, David Levy (Tron legacy, Prometheus, Ender's Game, Tomorrowland, Avatar2). The short film is the first 15 minutes of a science fiction TV series Levy has outlined and hopes … [Read more...]

Video: Ritual and Presentation

"Dress Smartly and You Will Think Smart" I found the second and third video to be inspiring. Ben Sherman: The Original Button Up Since 1963 / PART 1 - PREPARATION Ben Sherman: The Original Button Up Since 1963 / PART 2 - RITUAL Ben Sherman: … [Read more...]

Joke: When The Body Was First Made, Who Was the Most Important

One day, all the parts of the body were talking about who was most important. THE BRAIN SAID - "Since I control everything and do all the thinking, I am the most important therefore I should be boss." THE FEET SAID - "Since I carry him everywhere … [Read more...]

Apple and Too Much NLP

Quote from Tim Cook in an Apple Press release: Apple - Press Info - Apple Announces Record Pre-orders for iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus Top Four Million in First 24 Hours] “iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are better in every way, and we are thrilled … [Read more...]

Museum of The Order of St John –

One of the few delights of walking around London is finding pieces of history in random places. … [Read more...]