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Glass, Water & Toccata Fugue

I admire obsession in all it's many forms. … [Read more]

Schools Kill Creativity – Ken Robinson – TED

Ken Robinson talks about ways to adapt modern education to move from an industrial, "one size fits all" education that forces conformity and convention to an "organic" system that creates an environment for the student to flourish and grow in their … [Read more]

OpenFlow is both More and Less of a Network

I wrote this in a comment somewhere. I thought it was worth capturing for future consideration. The OpenFlow controller idea is more of an enhancement or extension to existing networking options than reducing the dependency on switches. While some … [Read more]

Is Technology and IT a Cult ?

Imagine that tomorrow you walked away from IT. Let's say you quit you current job, ditched all your technology to become a water skiing instructor on a remote Caribbean island with no electricity and no phones. Would that be the same feeling as … [Read more]

Hitler Not Happy With Unified Communications

"Call the Asterisk Guy" "My Fuhrer, The Consultants says there's nothing they can do" I'm crouched over in fits of laughter here. "I want my voicemails converted to text" The funniest thing I've seen in ages and … [Read more]

Highly Improbable

Don't you think ? In four weeks ? … [Read more]

I HAVE got a Mac!

Source: Unknown. … [Read more]

InterOp – Las Vegas

I've been in Las Vegas for the Interop conference. I've been taking photos and here is a random selection, in no particular order.     … [Read more]

Monmouth – English Village

Had a day out with the family to Monmouth. To be fair, there is nothing specifically interesting about it. I took some photos that attempt to capture the mundane things that I see around me every day. I'm always surprised by these things.   In … [Read more]

The Power of Doubt

I'm always impressed by Doubt. For me, it's that little voice that says "you'd better check that", "I wonder if something has changed", "is there a new feature", "does that feature exist" I've realised that it might be a networking super power. Doubt … [Read more]