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Microsoft Word for Mac Annoyance # 2044

Enabling Autosave for Microsoft Word 2011 causes the error message "The disk is full trying to write to xxxx, Free some space…..". Some weeks I don't get it, and other weeks, it happens all the time. But it's very annoying. Happened on Snow … [Read more]

Sparrow Email Client

For various reasons, I use three different email clients. OSX Mail is the native program, Postbox for more enhanced functions, and Sparrow for when I'm monitoring email but not really processing it. That is, most email I simply delete immediately. … [Read more]

London Toilets

If you move around London, they have these pay toilets around the place. I'm not too sure of their history, but for ten pence you pop inside and have a few moments to yourself. Once you are done, they clean themselves and are ready for use by the … [Read more]

App Review: Yoink

I was recently given a promo code by Brett Terpstra on an App called Yoink. First thing I Tweeted in response was "Why bother when you have Path Finder" Product Description Yoink helps making wrap and drops between spaces or full screens apps in OS … [Read more]

OmniGraffle Performance Problem OSX Lion – Slow Downs, Pauses

Since installing OSX Lion I've found that OmniGraffle has been, well, pausing from time to time. Which is odd, since it always used to run quite quickly. After some fiddling around and then an email to the Omni Group support, they pointed this … [Read more]

OmniGraffle – Inspector Setup and Tips

This is a set of tips that show how I work with OmniGraffle and get the layout of the Inspector to be the way that I want it. You should note that I'm not a big fan of floating inspector windows (or frames or whatever Apple calls them ), I like my … [Read more]

OmniGraffle Tip – Duplicating Shape Properties 1

OmniGraffle continues to impress me by finding new functionality and ways of doing clever things. This tip looks at transferring shape properties from one shape to the other. First, head into the **Customise Toolbar* and copy this piece of toolbar … [Read more]

OmniGraffle and Multi Touch gestures

In OmniGraffle 5.3 update that was released July 19, 2011 , the multi-touch settings have been disabled even though they were working previously. From the release notes: * Multi-Touch gestures for trackpad and other input devices are now disabled … [Read more]

Pictorial Guide to disabling Diginotar CA in MAC OSX

The company that runs the Diginotar CA was breached sometime in the last 3 months. The company that runs Diginator CA has not yet admitted to the breach even when presented with clear breach evidence. Google has acted to block all Diginotar … [Read more]

BBEdit can use Markdown by Default

When you first install BBEdit, any new file will set to "none" for language - that is, Perl, PHP, AppleScript are recognised by the first line automatically, but a blank text file will still be "none". Since I use Markdown for text most of the time, … [Read more]