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OSX Lion: Disable the Character Picker

Disable the character picket that appeared in OSX Lion (which is basically the same as iOS on the iPhone / iPad) When you press and hold a character, it doesn't repeat. Instead the pop menu appears. You can disable this in the … [Read more]

Schoolboy Memories – Casio FX100

Saw this photo and was instantly transported to high school Maths class. At the start of the Senior school, I wondered what all those buttons and functions were for and couldn't wait to find out. Twenty years later, I can't remember what they are … [Read more]

LinkedIn – Using Your Name to Endorse Their Advertisements

LinkedIn is pulling a Facebook on privacy. Here's how it works, when you follow or like a company on LinkedIn, they will use your name and image to endorse advertisements that place for that company. To wit: When LinkedIn members recommend people … [Read more]

All Sides of a Conversation in Lion OSX Mail

Apple Mail in Lion lets you see not only the conversations in email, but with this small change, you can see your own replies in the thread. By default, you can see only the email that is sent TO you, but it's much more useful to see what you sent … [Read more]

Mac OSX Lion – Magic Trackpad, Magic Mouse – or both

Since installing OS X Lion I've found the Mission Control Feature to be very useful. Although you can use two finger swipe on the Magic Mouse, I've found the four finger down swipe on the Trackpad to be more intuitive. Although I'm right-handed, I … [Read more]

Paddington Station and the Railway Band

I'm commuting to London regularly and travel through Paddington Station to catch the train. Yes, where Paddington Bear comes from. If you are lucky/unlucky to be passing through the station on a Friday evening between 1930 and 2130 you will be … [Read more]

Bare Bones Software | BBEdit 10 is here!

Best all purpose, heavy lifting, munging, all singing, kitchen sink, regex'ing, funky features, HTML, FTP/SFTP browsing, CVS/Subversioning, multi file opening text editor for OS X. And now it's forty bucks. That's very good people. Very good. … [Read more]

OSX Lion – Library Folder Not Visible

OS X Lion hides the ~/Library folder from view in an effort to prevent users from tampering with sensitive files or unwittingly tossing out their precious data. It’s easy to get to your user’s Library folder with a simple Go > Go to Folder command … [Read more]

10 Myths About Introverts –

Loved this article about Introverts. I like the idea that Introverts are fully empowered to make different choices from extroverts. But I'm also wondering how much nerd culture is influenced by a dominance on introspectives, whereas less interesting … [Read more]

Handy iTunes Shortcut (Forward & Back)

In iTunes, Command+Option+Right Arrow and Command+Option+Left Arrow will jump forwards or backwards in the currently playing item, respectively, by five seconds.   … [Read more]