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IT Infrastructure is like a puzzle with hundreds of pieces. Some pieces are hardware, some are software and some are business processes. But the most important pieces are the people who design, deploy and operate the technology. Hence the title “Pieces of Human Infrastructure”

So “Pieces of Human Infrastructure” is a bi-weekly newsletter for people working in IT Infrastructure with a focus on Data Networking in the Enterprise. As part of hosting Packet Pushers,  researching & writing reports, working with clients and just simply roaming around the web I collect a whole bunch of information that is worth sharing but too hard to blog.

Compared to blogging, the newsletter will be a more personal experience where I can share thoughts, musings on the industry news, pointers to press releases, tips/tricks and a generally more esoteric experience that the formality of the blog.


  • Summarising vendor news and highlighting the most interesting areas
  • Links to content I found, some technical, some personal and some fun.
  • Tips and Tricks I have discovered this week.
  • Commentary on industry happenings.
  • And other …. stuff.

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