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Blogging Success Is Simply About Doing

You can be guaranteed that nothing will happen if you publish nothing. I can guarantee that something will happen if you publish something. After you are publishing something, people can find you. And you can improve. And you can work out what can … [Read more...]

A Content Strategy For Biggest Audience or the Best Audience

The thing about writing content for the largest possible audience is that you must write intentionally for the majority of readers. As the audience grows, you have to write content to that is simpler and plainer.┬áThe largest number of people will now … [Read more...]

How and Why to Quit Feedburner Safely

Last week I made the final change to quit Feedburner for all RSS feeds on and no longer have any active services. Its a relief to be free. Why Did I use Feedburner When I first started blogging five and a half years ago, I was … [Read more...]