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Paddington Station and the Railway Band

I’m commuting to London regularly and travel through Paddington Station to catch the train. Yes, where Paddington Bear comes from.

If you are lucky/unlucky to be passing through the station on a Friday evening between 1930 and 2130 you will be serenaded a wonderful anachronism of English life - THe Paddington Railway Band.

It was originally a staff band until privatisation, formed in the 1920’s by employees of the Great Western railway company. It was a company brass band, employees would play to customers passing through the station. In the 1920’s brass bands were enjoyed by many people, and the band members had a social life that included travel and friendship after the end of the Great War.

There was attempt to stop it in 2010 but the corporate idiots were told to stand down.

Listening to “Land of Hope & Glory” or “Pomp & Circumstance” as people rush by is quite a surreal experience, and people will applaud and donate money to support the band — which is most un-English but shows that they are appreciated.

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