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App Review: Yoink

I was recently given a promo code by Brett Terpstra on an App called Yoink. First thing I Tweeted in response was “Why bother when you have Path Finder”

Yoink review 6

Product Description

Yoink helps making wrap and drops between spaces or full screens apps in OS X Lion easier. Yoink review 1

Every time you start dragging a file, Yoink fades in a tiny window on the left/right edge of your screen so you can can drag files to it

Yoink review 3a

This frees up your mouse / trackpad actions to navigate between ‘full screens’ or other apps and then resume the drag later

Yoink review 4

You can click on the image in the bar to expand it - my eyes say thank you because they are old. You can have more than one file in the stack. This is nicely thought out.

Yoink review 5

Here the options - looks a bit thin but this is a first version at time of review.

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Greg's View

Cool App for less money than you think. For two bucks is a really nifty tool for writing design and architecture papers.

When running it uses about 11MB RAM real memory so it seems lite enough for daily use.

I recommend it.

Get Yoink

Yoink costs $1.99 from the Mac App Store.

You can found out more about Yoink at the Eternal Storms - Yoink website.