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Talk on Web Operations

In the first twelve minutes of this video, Theo Schlossnagle talks about key aspects of personal perspective on career development for Infrastructure Engineers. The whole talk is great, but watch the first twelve minutes if you are interested in career development.

A Career is:

  • a pursuit
  • a willingness to mature
  • patience to become exceptional

Be Excellent

  • some people are overpaid to under deliver
  • your career is about being better not about being more
  • opportunities flow from being excellent

true Excellence * one must treat it as a craft * one must become a craftsman * through experience learn discipline * through practice achieve excellence

Step 1 - Educate Yourself

  • lots of online forums for this.

Step 2 - Be Disciplined

  • stay focussed on core skills.
  • use what works
  • know what works
  • consider a hobby that requires discipline

Step 3 - Learn From and Share with Your Peers

Step 4 - Be Patient - Experience takes Time (and Mistakes)