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Fantastical - Doesn't handle Standard Date Format very well - Updated 20120116

I use Fantastical on my MAC to help with scheduling appointments. However, I find that on even the simplest of syntax it doesn’t register properly and fails miserably. What I realised today is that feeding in dates in American format of Month/Day or Month/Day/Year works alright but the global standard of Day/Month/Year it seems to fail miserably.

Here is classic example. Fantastical Fail on Global Date Format

This is a shame because when it work sit works well. But it simply doesn’t recognise date formats properly. See this screenshot for a month / day format. Fantastical Month  Day works OK

I could grumble about lack of attention to detail but I’d rather they fix it in a soon to be released.

Update 20120116

I sent an email to their support and got this response
This will be improved in our next update, 1.2, which will be released before the end of the month. We actually do handle month/day structure, but the exact format you were using was a bit non-standard. Still, this should work in the next update.

Well, I was talking about day/month but here’s hoping.