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Juniper RSS Feeds take User Tracking to an Extreme Level - Updated

When you subscribe to a “custom” Juniper RSS feed they actually tracking you on a personal basis. Here is the sign up page:

Juniper rss 2

And this gives you a “personalised” RSS feed. in fact, it’s a Facebook-privacy-invading move that tracks your every move. Everytime you hit this URL they can gather information about you.

Juniper rss 3

When your retweet from RSS feed this data is also published. Since many Twitter and RSS clients publish the RSS URL not the actual URL: Juniper tracking 1

Basically, Juniper has invested in a tracking system that is at least as bad as Facebook or Google. I have a moderate problem with having my privacy being invaded. That’s why I don’t have Facebook account, and take reasonable steps to preserve some of online privacy.

I’m unsubscribed from Juniper RSS feeds. There is no need for this - this is marketing madness. It’s public information that doesn’t need this sort of silliness. How about a some respect for your customers ?

PS - SIX Tracking Cookies?

No less than six tracking cookies/analytics too


Update 20120312: They fixed it

I notice that there are only three tracking web bugs now.......