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That Setting Yourself Goals is Practising Failure

I feel that setting goals & achieving them is to practice failure.

Goals set stops signs on your progress through life. You might achieve a goal and then fail to continue. If you set a goal, only to set another one, you are practicing failure to sustain effort over time.

It’s the quality of your journey that’s important, not the stops on the way.

Your life is a story, not an event. Work is a marathon, not a race. Relationships are not constan but changing, enduring and refreshed. If you need to “stop and evaluate your life” then you haven’t realised an important fact of life: change. Everyday your life changes, the world changes, the people around you change. Setting a goal as static, unchanging target doesn’t reflect reality.

That’s why setting & achieving goals is failure. It’s never over. Setting a target implies an end. Setting a new target is hollow and empty. Why win if the race starts again ?

Life, for me, is much more satisfying if you change everyday. I don’t set goals, but I’m constantly chaining where I’m going. And because I never fail to “achieve”, I never fail.

I’m always a success and I’m always winning.