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Armchair Lust & Desire

I’m middleaged, middle class male with long term first wife, daughters, and certain distinguished air. As I walk the furniture shops, I find that I no longer look longingly at bean bags and sofas. No, the inner man now looks longingly at the Reclining Armchair.

I’m sure my father is laughing at me now.

But, I don’t want some overstuffed lounge chair like my grandfather had. I’ve got standards for seating that have been set by my Herman Miller Aeron chair which has completely changed the way I look at seating. From now on, it’s quality seating all the way.

But where can one find a quality armchair ? Surely that’s an oxymoron ? NO. Herewith is my personal shortlist for armchairs (that I cannot, in all probability, ever afford).

This is my current favourite for all round minimalist look and choices. I could build an entire room around this chair.

But this Varier Gravity chair is a perfect nerd’s chair. It’s got a modal user interface with extensive interaction choices. Oh my, this is a place where I could study and read all day…..

Sigh. One day, maybe one day.