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OSX: Dropbox and Bandwidth Management

I noticed that the latest version of Dropbox has added an Upload Rate feature in the preferences. In a house that has limited Internet and four people sharing a limited amount of bandwidth I need to control how much bandwidth I use. I often need to upload large files for podcast editing and it can take hours.

I noticed this Preference Setting when I downloaded the latest Dropbox version

Dropbox upload speed

Not sure how the algorithm works but it sure makes a difference. In this screenshot the upload is proceeding at 4 kilobytes per second or 32kilobits. Since this is a 256 kilobit upload and there are three other people sharing the Internet that’s pretty good going. I can use the Internet connection and not have to worry about $daughter2 complaining about poor access to some website.

Dropbox bandwidth 2

Remember, the Dropbox app for Mac OSX doesn’t update automatically. You will need to download it yourself at Dropbox

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