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Moom - Snap to Edges Feature

Wherever possible, I try to use a keyboard to control my computer. I’m opted to lifting my hands off the keyboard and using the mouse or trackpad because it’s slows me down and breaks my concentration (I’m easily distracted). In the past I’ve written about using OSX: Sizeup – Screen Layout Using the Keyboard and Mercury Mover bit I’m tempted to change to Moom as it gets more features in a single utility.

One small problem with Moom is memory consumption. Using both SizeUp and Mercury Mover uses much less RAM than Moom (eternal problem) but maybe that’s less of a problem as useful features emerge.

Anyway, here is the Snap to Quarter menu from Moom:

Moom edge snap 1

That’s reasonably easy to understand. So here is an action shot of the top right corner:

Moom edge snap 2

Although I prefer to use keyboard, it’s also useful to manually set the layout with the mouse, and Moom supports that as well via the Green Toolbar button which lets you size according to grid. Moom snap edge 3

As Moom gets more features, I’m getting more tempted to use it full time and replace SizeUp (My review here). And the company behind Moom is also the maker of Desktop Curtain and the latest version 3 has some new features I’m very fond of. More on that later I think.

Note for Multiple Screen Users

In OSX you can drag Applications between screens and this takes precedence over the Snap to Edges features. Check out How-to: Fix the Moom snap and Desktops issue for a workaround.
The workaround is to change OS X’s activation delay for the ‘drag to new Desktop/Space’ feature. Do this by opening Terminal, pasting the following line, and then pressing Return:

defaults write workspaces-edge-delay -float 10

You won’t see any output, just the cursor on a new blank line. Once you see that, paste this into Terminal, and press Return:

killall Dock

These two commands work like this. The first sets the delay before OS X’s ‘drag to new Desktop/Space’ feature activates to 10 seconds. The second line restarts the Dock, as otherwise, the change you’ve just made won’t take effect (the Dock controls the feature). You can experiment with values other than 10, but you want a delay that’s long enough to let you use snap-to-edges without moving to another Desktop/Space. Personally, I find that 5 works well.