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My Safari Extensions 20120727

Received an email from reader asking me what Extensions I run in Safari browser on MAC OSX.

Here are some comments on the most important or less obvious plugins:

Sessions - I have between 5 - 25 tabs open at any time. Although Apple Safari can reopen these tabs, sometimes it loses the current tabs. This plugin keeps a backup that allows me to recover from a daily tab backup.

Eject to Flash - I do not have Adobe Flash installed. I use Google Chrome for this. This plugin lets me press ⌘-E to open a tab in Chrome. My process for removing Adobe Flash is here and you can find the extension at Relaxed Apps

Ghostery - blocks tracking cookies and other web evils. Also speeds up my web browsing and saves bandwidth when running on 3G modem (everyday for me at the moment).

 Subscribe to Feed - In Safari 6.0, Apple removed the RSS subscribe button. This adds a new button to the menu bar so that RSS subscription is a single click. Still beta but working well.

Pinbar is a Pinboard bookmarking cliptool. I also use Delibar but mostly use that for Delicious bookmarking. Go figure.


Hope that helps the person who contacted me.