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Using Two Monitors for Productivity

Using Two Monitors for Productivity

As part of working more hours at my desk/home office, I've been considering ways to improve my productivity and comfort. To this end I now have a 27" and 24" Apple display since some studies suggest that additional screen space allows for the more productivity. Disregarding the opportunities for distraction, having two large screens is definitely more productive.

For example, I am often researching products and technology. As part of this process I commonly use a web browser, PDF files, Data collection (DevonThink) and text editor for notes. Having two screens improves my ability to locate, read and record the information that I need.

When I am mobile, I use a single screen. In a triumph of converse logic, I find that this also works well for certain tasks. It took me a while to realise that a single screen forces me to focus on the task at hand and I get fewer distractions. I’ve learnt from this and I will occasionally, when I’m mindful enough, disconnect the second monitor.

Summary: Two screens are more productive, except for when one small screen is the best way to get something done. I need to be mindful of my work and choose the best way to be productive.

That’s not new, I know.