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Beer, Theology and the Existence of Free Will

Greg: I think the $gods are trying to tell me something. I’ve walked past the bottle of beer that I put on the kitchen bench seven times and forgotten to open it and drink it.

Greg: Beginning to wonder if I have free will.

Friend: Heh. I wrote a seminary paper on that. From a theological perspective, we can’t possibly have free will. No resolution to that conundrum. Or most of the other ones about God.

Greg: I choose to express my free will by having that beer.

Friend: And flout the gods you shall.

Greg: I win - I have opened and commenced consumption. I am inspired.

Friend: Or were you just manipulated?? Ah…there’s the rub.

Greg: I am Perseus, the Gods torment me but they won’t determine my life. And I am drinking a beer.

Friend: See, God exists. You have beer.