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Why I use an Apple Keyboard At My Desk

When I am working at my home office I connect my MacBook to external monitors and an external keyboard is neede to sit properly at the desk. I once used a IBM Type 1 keyboard as my preferred keyboard but, sadly, threw them away when I left migrated from Australia to England. I considered acquiring a new tactile keyboard but realised that my previous setup involved muscle memory for two keyboards.

When I looked at an Apple Keyboard in person I realised it was almost identical to the keyboard on my MacBook Pro. Now I can shift between external keyboard to built-in keyboard and the muscle memory is the same.

This is a bigger “thing” than it seems. I’m confident that I am more productive with this approach. I still miss a tactile keyboard sometimes but not enough to do anything about it.

I’ve talked my setup previously Mac OS X: My Three Screen Setup for MacBook Pro Retina but rarely use the internal monitor at my desk.