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Logitech R800 Presenter, Keynote and Max OS X Setup

  1. Connect USB dongle to a Mac.

  2. Ignore “Keyboard Setup Assistant” asking you to hold some buttons on the newly connected “keyboard” by pushing red cross button in the upper right corner.

  3. Now your device is connected and the system likely shouldn’t ask you for any keyboard setup in the future.

  4. All buttons of the presenter work properly with Microsoft PowerPoint 2008, except one - “Launch slide show”.

  5. To fix this go to *System Preferences -> Keyboard & Mouse -> Keyboard Shortcuts tab -> + button

This is the completed result. You click the “+” button in the bottom to add a new Keyboard Shortcut.

Select the application Keynote (see note below). Type the Menu Title exactly as shown from the Keynote menu. Move to the next field and make sure you press the “F5” function key. Don’t type “F” and “5” as that won’t work.



Keynote does not appear in the list. You will need to select “Other” at the bottom and then go to the “iWork” directory to select Keynote.



When finished it should look like this:




When you press play on the Logitech R800,  Keynote will go immediately into Play Slideshow (because you have configured Mac OS X to use the “F5” key to “Play Slideshow”.