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OmniGraffle 6 Woes - Part 2

Omnigraffle 6 changes the screen layout in major but mostly acceptable ways. Instead of the floating inspectors they are now now embedded into the window. On the whole, I much prefer the new style which is docked to the right hand side of the window but the new style means that I’ve lost something at the same time.

Here is the old style of toolbar compared with the new toolbar.

This toolbar is ALL the tools that I use for drawing diagrams. The remaining tools are hidden from view and never seenOG5-Inspector-Tight-Tidy-opt
In the Inspector layout on OmniGraffle 6, the inspector is locked inlace, I can "hide" the part of each inspector that I don't wantOG6-Inspector-loose-sloppy-opt

With the previous toolbar arrangement, I could see all the settings for an object at a glance. The floating inspectors could be configured for my specific needs and saved as workspaces for different activities. Therefore “F3” was my drawing toolbox and “F5” for diagramming. “F2” was my portable setup when running on a 15" display.

The new layout requires considerably more effort to determine and change settings. For example,