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New Year Resolutions I Learned From My Cats

I never wanted to have cats but my loving wife insisted. Cats are nice. It turns out that they are good companions for someone who sits at a desk for long hours. I’m still not sure how much they like me. I’m not entirely sure that I like them.

So I have no idea where I realised that there are life lessons to be learned from watching cat behaviour.

    1. Sleep More.
    2. Sleep wherever you are. Priorities matter.
    3. You can make people guilty by sitting on their lap and staring at them
    4. When you walk away from a situation make sure that never, ever, ever look back. You own it, you mastered it, you did it. It will there when you need it later
    5. Keep yourself clean.
    6. Be Chill. Things happen but you can keep your cool by staring casually at them to make things insignificant.
    7. Look the other way when confronted by people. Ignoring people makes them want you more and chase after you.
    8. Never sit in the same place twice. The other seat is always better than the one you have and needs to be checked out.
    9. Rubbing seductively against my wife’s legs when I’m hungry will get me dinner. (I'm definitely going to try this one)

Speaking of dinner, time to get my fluffy shirt on and rub my wife’s legs. Maybe it will work this time.