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A Pinch Of Salt In My Porridge

A pinch of salt is my porridge is healthier than the alternatives. And I’m less certain that I know everything now.

I eat porridge. Oats. And not namby-pamby milled oats, big hairy extra thick rolled oats that cost pennies per serve. Most people like “creamy” oats which have been milled like flour.

I take a not-big glass and fill it with oats, then 2 cups of water in the same glass. Then a two small pinches of salt and a grab of dark sugar. The magic of salt and sugar makes my oats wonderful breakfast.

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My teenage daughters who, naturally know everything now that they are getting some education ), tell me that salt is bad for me. Which, of course, it is. So I point at their cereal bowls with corn flakes or sweety-chunks or chocolate-grubs and ask, “How much salt is in that ? “.

They are nonplussed at this. They can’t taste the salt they say.

“But its there, read the label. Do the math”. 1

One 50 gram serving has 2 grams of salt.

Or about two pinches.

Plus, it tastes good.

Ah, I remember being a teenager. Some 30 years later I’m not nearly so sure that I’m certain that I know everything that I knew then.

  1. They hate that I'm just good enough at math to make them guilty that they aren't good at math. I like being good at math. Its a thing.  ↩