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Spontaneous Beer

Having teenaged children means freedom for parents. At least for a few hours so when my wife asked me to go for a walk and then headed directly to the hotel nearby for a beer …. well, Yes.

This hotel is really not anywhere or anything. It’s an eighteenth century mansion house that once was part of a very large estate and converted into a hotel. It was probably built from money made in the mills powered by the streams at the bottom of hill. The area is called “Five Valleys” because five valleys, and their streams, converge on this town. Transport was via canal boat.

photo 2

In summer, the hotel will be covered in greenery, you can see the vines covering the building. The gardens are equally lovely with folly, pond and old oak trees that are gloriously gnarled and majestic.

Guess I will have to go back and get some more photos for you.

PS: It’s not an english pub so the beer itself isn’t worth writing about. But even a bottled Wickwar Station Porter is a very good drink.