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Freak Shows, Shopping Malls and IT Conferences

Sometimes you realise that you are surrounded by “your people” and you think just how weird nerds are. You might even discuss how we live in a bubble that unreal and not part of the real world.

Today I’m at the a shopping mall in the UK because the Nearest Apple store is here. My palace of productivity has taken damage when my 27" Thunderbolt stopped responding. Despite double helping of nerd testing, the screen was blank and off to the Genius Bar I go.

The mall is one of the few really big ones that exist in UK. The idea of human warehouses disguised as “points of sale” hasn’t really taken off with British culture. But I digress.

Jesus wept but this place is a freak show. Who let humanity in ? I thought I was weird carrying a 27" display wrapped in a blanket with GEEK printed all over it but I’ve got nothing on these people.


I’m running back to my injured palace of productivity to shelter. I feel less like a freak for being nerdy and chastised in my hubris that I am just another meat puppet in a world full of mediocrity.

Oh, yeah. When the Apple guy plugged in the monitor to a test machine, it worked just fine. First time in fact. Plugged it into my MBPr ? Worked fine. What did I learn ? I’m sure something was wrong because I couldn’t see the Thunderbolt bus in the System Information - none of the Ethernet/USB ports on the back were working.

So now I wait. They are going to do some soak testing and we will see.