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ScienceShot: Want to Understand This Article? | Science/AAAS | News

With a new crop of speed-reading products on the market, psychologists decided to dig a bit more and uncovered a simple explanation for RSVP’s flaw: Every so often, we need to scan backward and reread for a better grasp of the material. Researchers demonstrated that need by presenting 40 college students with ambiguous, unpunctuated sentences "While the man drank the water that was clear and cold overflowed from the toilet” while following their subjects’ gaze with an eye-tracking camera.

I learned to speed read at University and it’s been a useful skill. Today I have two reading modes that I consciously engage - speed and normal modes. Speed for scanning content to pick up key concepts, normal for learning and research.

I’ve tried the speed reading apps but they didn’t seem to help. This might be the reason why.


p>via ScienceShot: Want to Understand This Article? | Science/AAAS | News.