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MailMate - Creating an "Everything Today" Mailbox

My unbridled love affair with Mailmate for email continues. I created a mailbox just for today’s email, both inbound and outbound with a “per user” setting. This means I can work in a view where I’m only looking at todays email.

Here is a view of the final solution (distortion mode enabled to hide personal details of senders). The mailbox shows email from all of my accounts today. I might change this later to remove some accounts that aren’t core to my day-to-day. 1

MailMate - Folder for Today's Email

Right click on the area shown to create a new Smart Mailbox:

Mailmate today per user 5 opt

This will open the configuration/rules for the contents that go into your mailbox. Here I have selected all messages which covers all inbound & outbound email. You could easily select many other options for specific email accounts or just inbound only.

Mailmate today per user 1 opt Set a condition for all email with a date of today: Mailmate today per user 2 opt

Show an individual mailbox for each person who sent you an email today. List Each Email Address On The Left

Did I mention how marvellous MailMate is ? You should race and buy a copy today. I totally recommend it.

  1. I have email accounts for newsletter, product information and general noise to keep it separate from my "working" email accounts.  ↩