Mac OS X: Boom2 is worth the money

If you listen to Youtube, Spotify or other on-line streaming service you might notice that your music is flat or boring. Thats because they stream that music at limited audio rates to reduce bandwidth - e.g. Youtube is just 120Kbps and I believe that Spotify uses a variable bit rate to save bandwidth but sacrifices the audio quality.

Version 2 is much improved. The audio quality is much improved. An recent update added new audio processors that sounded good to me. For example, I might use Ambient on external speakers but will switch to Fidelity when using a headsets.

Boom2 screenshot opt

It also makes nice job of boosting the Netflix audio. I have a low-cost pair of desk speakers connected to my MacBook that cost less than GBP£50/USD$80 and they make room shake with Boom2.

Boom2 has as IOS App that acts as a remote - if you are using your Mac as a TV or “Stereo System” then you will love this app.

Boom2 is GBP£10 if you buy direct from their store (recommended).

Note: Back in 2008 I reviewed and recommended using SRS iWOW but sadly the company has stopped making this software. It still works and has better audio results than Boom2 but was for iTunes only.
Greg Ferro @EtherealMind