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Twitter Thoughts - 20160104

Irregular and incomplete collection of various snark that I published on social media (mainly twitter) in the last few months.


If you think education is expensive, try ignorance" -Silvia Hagen, Do’s and Don’t of Transition

Comfortable is more satisfying than responsible.

Got myself a pair of noise cancelling headphones for my wife’s birthday.

What do I have to do to get the silent treatment from my colleagues ?

The bus you are waiting for was always coming.

Have you got your crayons so I can explain it to you ?

Twitter has really improved my email skills. I’m much quicker at saying nothing with less typing now.

I’m bringing the sexy stomach back.

Warning: Do not look into a laser beam with your remaining good eye.

I’m happier on Twitter than I am in person.

Attempting reverse psychology intelligence test on this project manager. “No it doesn’t not work”. Too easy.

Sometimes I stop and think to myself that no one else is actually thinking. I hate thinking about that.

A lot of people think that Network Engineers don’t get regular sex but this is untrue. We are constantly being screwed hard by management.

Thinking about putting a friendship ring on this beer bottle. #BeerOclock