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Warren Ellis on Proof Reading in MS Word

I hate Microsoft Word. I loathe it with an special passion I have for things that never work, bugs in commercial software, and the fact that I have to use the worst software because "lowest common denominator" always wins.

Dammit mathematics how come you rule everything in my life.

Proofing NORMAL, the novella.  Proofing, these days, involves opening a Microsoft Word file, clicking on Review and then screaming and poking randomly at buttons until the comments and edits from the copy editor and the production editor are revealed. And then finding one of them has put their comments in a pale blue that is essentially invisible.

So you lose time to fashioning a little voodoo doll and then smashing it with a hammer and then burning it.  Also you get to put in your own comments replying to their comments, so, by the third hour of processing the manuscript you're basically Charlie Sheen on Twitter. I even used #winning as a comment somewhere during part two.

From a Orbital Operations newsletter by Warren Ellis (the writer)

Dd I mention how much I hate Microsoft Bloody Word ?