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Fear and Loathing at Interop Las Vegas 2016

I’m just back from presenting at Interop Las Vegas 2016. The conference was great and you really should have been there. Seriously, it was awesome and content that you missed would probably have made your mind bleed and eyes bug out like this:


Tell Me How You Really Feel

Interop doesn’t tell me how, what or why to talk to about. This means that I can tell you how I really feel about the state of networking. If you listen to the Packet Pushers podcasts, you might think that I’m a mildly amusing engineer with some crackpot views and a tendency to rant on crazy stuff.

The feedback from my speaking has been strong. I like to challenge the audience with a wide range of different, creative and even radical ideas and this doesn’t work if you aren’t in the room. (Gots lot of positive feedback but I’m waiting for the reviews).

Speaking of the room - it was huge.

[caption id=“attachment_3778” align=“alignnone” width=“900”] The Packet Pushers Future of Networking Audience - Ready to Get Blasted[/caption]

Content Conference

One thing about Interop- its a conference that has content. Once upon a time it was a “trade show” where a vendors could put up their tents and you could peruse their wares in a huge bazaar-like atmosphere.

Today, conference must have lots of content to attract the technology audience. Packet Pushers have a preliminary booking to return next year (clearly, I didn’t break anyone).


None of the sessions will be published on the Internet and, I guess, you will have to attend to hear the goodness.

One thing: Because I’m not recorded I can tell you how I really feel. Seriously. I’m much more open and unfiltered when speaking without official video.

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Photos - Drinking etc

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Photos SD-WAN event

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Keynote Panel

I was privleged to present a panel during the Interop Keynote on Thursday. Here are some photos I collected from twitter.

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