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Interesting PR Spam/Malware

I received this innocous looking “infographic spam” email (I get a LOT of these, we never publish them).

It demonstrates why I use plain text when sending email to prevent spam, malware etc.

Screenshot of MailMate (27-07-2016, 09-42-11)

I was going to send a polite reply when I noticed this text in the response. I see this because I always respond in plain text email (to the annoyance of many people)

Screenshot of MailMate (27-07-2016, 10-19-04)

When I look at the source code, I can’t make much sense of whats actually happening here. I think I’m looking at a vulnerability in some mail clients (Outlook?) that would spawn a click fraud to something related to asbestos.

Screenshot of Coda (27-07-2016, 10-28-25)