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Some Time Without Purpose

Yesterday was unusual. I had some time off.

First, my local hospital. I’m not sick but I have been delinquent in regular fleshy maintenance in meatspace and I’ve made it a priority to get these tasks done in 2016. I will have another minor surgery in a few months time (would have been better to do it over Christmas).

Good. Tick.


The Ship House

This house, sometimes known as the “Ship House” makes me smile. I can imagine an wealthy-ships-captain-turned-merchant retiring from years of successful shipping to build this house in centre of Cheltenham but wanting some portholes to remind him of the sea. This whimsy appeals to my eccentricity.


The New & the Old

English towns are full of casual agedness. The red brick wall is likely 17th century and built when buggies were common. Up close it has a beauteous patina of age and wear with a sense of forgotten purpose. Right next to it is a fully modern housing complex with steel, glass and rendered brick frontage that strikes me.



Throughout my home town are rows of mansions. These are centred on the town hall (left of shot) and encompass a large park.

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Its a bitter cold morning but the sun is out, if a bit pale and weak. There is frost on the grass but its peaceful even for a weekday.

To The Shops

When I get to the Town Centre I look for changes, new shops. I am way too fond of bread to be healthy. Pecan & Cranberry Loaf …. mmmmmimg_2439

Weird food.

This is Chicken Liver Paté but taken to another level with weird flavours

“Vodka & Cranberry”

“Blue Cheese & Fig Chutney”



Pop up Japanese

What a delight! A popup Japanese restaurant serving a fixed menu. Fried Kale, Pork Ramen with  Toffee Pudding dessert.


A Break

I often forget to take time off because I work from home, my work is always with me and I enjoy it. I read a lot, chat to people a lot, and try to think clearly about what I’m learning. So taking time to walk, listen and see the world around me sometimes comes as a surprise.

At one point in my life, I spent 3 years backpacking. Many times I would stay in single place for days on end, just to look around. Maybe to sit still, maybe to find more things to see. Or some random combination of people was creating some fun.

I miss that. I wonder if I can find that casualness again.