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Sony WFX1000 Earphones Review - Not Good Enough

Summary: I bought a pair of Sony WFX 1000 Earphones after 2 weeks of use there are just too many problems for me to keep them.

At the £200 pound purchase price, they need to actually work reliably, and predictably. They do not work properly on my MacBook or iMac and regularly dropout when using them on my iPhone.

I am returning them for a refund. 

What I wanted:

  1. Wireless Earphones (because iPhone doesn't have a headphone jack)
  2. Noise cancelling to use in a busy office when remote working or travelling on a plane.
  3. Sound quality to be average.
  4. Battery life for long haul flights is desirable.


They fit in my ears ok, didn’t fall out when walking (didn’t try gym/hard exercise due to injury)

Sound is typical Sony. I like Sony earphones, they tend towards bass and generally sound nice to me.


They work sometimes. Can reliably sync to iPhone 7 but the right earpiece will consistently dropout even while sitting at my desk, with phone in front of me. Happens more often when walking with phone in back pocket.

Highly unreliable and ultimately unusable with a MacBook Pro. The audio keeps shifting from right to left earpiece for no reason when sitting directly in front of computer.

Earbud battery life is short, maybe 60-90mins when using noise cancellation which is the point of this product. And then 90 minutes to charge earbuds (way too long!) means these aren’t suitable for heavy use.

No battery indicator on the battery box. Annoying when you don’t know if you should charge it, why should I bother to keep track. 3 hours to charge battery box!

The user interface is clumsy. The IOS App is badly put together, the features are there but its not clear what the feature do or why I would use the app.

Charge case is a bit too large to be comfortable in my pocket.

Charge case is fussy to use when charging earphones, you have to do it exactly right.