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Facebook’s Desperate Smoke Screen - Study Hacks - Cal Newport

The 61% ownership of Facebook by Zuckerburg is a problem. In my mind, he has poor personal qualities to be a leader. He repeatedly stole ownership of the business from co-founders, he has limited emotional capability and I’m reasonably sure that he has limited understanding of the real world. Where real = people, politics, society etc.

Soros began with the social problems, noting that social media companies “deliberately engineer addiction to the services they provide,” acting like casinos that “have developed techniques to hook gamblers to the point where they gamble away all their money, even money they don’t have.”

George Soros isn’t a model of social good, but the points are valid.

This move is not purely an effort to confront Facebook’s problems, it is, I suspect, in large part a desperate attempt to distract the media and public from the social issues that Facebook knows it cannot resolve without inflecting serious self-harm.

In view, the widespread disengagement from Facebook is systemic. The platform offers value for a while until people realise that better options exist elsewhere. In effect, you use Facebook for a while until you get bored with it.

I’m bored with it. I think many other people are too.

Facebook’s Desperate Smoke Screen - Study Hacks - Cal Newport :