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Deleted Instagram

Couple of things. 

I started using Instagram as space to share personal photos of what I am doing. When I started, the app was fun, delightful even and I kind of sharing images and photos of a personal nature but not on twitter. 

The last few months my dissatisfaction has been growing. I found the story function to be really intrusive, the number of ads has been increasing and become intrusive. My use of Instagram has been declining for a couple of months because its an unpleasant thing. 

Following latest information when UK government published emails seized from a company suing Facebook I was reminded that how much corporate surveillance is happening. And how Facebook execs are depending on Instagram to replace the revenue lost on the facebook site with increased advertising on instagram. 

I don't need that hassle. I've got twitter and this blog. Its all I need. 

 I don't need Instagram enough to put up with it.