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Review Avengers Endgame

TL:DR - I found it uninspired and predictable. In places the actors seemed bored, the fight scenes overlong and reptitive and I couldn't engage with the move. Visually, it was great with many excellent CGI scenes but, the storyline just felt tired instead of climactic. 3/10

I'm tired weary of superhero movies. I'm not sure I can vocalise why I struggle to be interested them. In part, its the repetition of the good character being extensively beaten in CGI, and then the bad person is trapped/dies/jailed or whatever one of the standard superhero endings are. And conflicted anti-heroes are hard to relate.

The US-centric storyline didn't resonate. I live in a global world and when Captain America "pines for a rural idyll in a small town backwater with his best girl" I'm not invested. This issue reflected in many areas of the story where the 'world' was limited to a handful of people.

Maybe the franchise idea that seemed so fresh has worn out ?

I'm glad I watched it on an airplane seat and didn't go to the theatre.