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Quiet Pay vs Quiet Quitting

The Flipside of “quiet quitting” is quiet paying. Don’t forget this.

Somebody older I know asked me why young people are “quiet quitting” their jobs and not trying to work hard. I told them that quiet quitting is a bullshit term that describes doing what was outlined in your contract, and not more. He started to tell me how you need to hustle and do more than the minimum if you want to succeed. I told him that the difference compared to many years ago is that now hard work is not met with commensurate rewards or opportunities. Then I asked him the following question:

If it is culturally acceptable to push people to go above and beyond what is outlined in their contract, why does the company always only pays what was agreed upon? Why doesn’t payroll ever go above and beyond what was agreed? Shouldn’t it also be culturally acceptable to expect extra salary in this case? Aren’t my company quiet paying me?

He had nothing to say and just looked uncomfortable. He didn’t really agree but he has no good answer either.