Schools Kill Creativity – Ken Robinson – TED

Ken Robinson talks about ways to adapt modern education to move from an industrial, “one size fits all” education that forces conformity and convention to an “organic” system that creates an environment for the student to flourish and grow in their own way – like a farmer creates the conditions for crops to grow but doesn’t force them all to be the same size or weight.

I’m a passionate believer in decentralised education having experienced far too much socialist nonsense in previous jobs- “no child left behind” and “all students are equal” is complete bunk. Even in teams of IT people, it takes as many low skilled, low motivation individuals to do some work, while the motivated and learned people work in other areas.

Inspirational Sunday viewing – humour, warmth and genuine insight. A must watch.

One response to “Schools Kill Creativity – Ken Robinson – TED”

  1. I have to say that was the most disappointing TED talk i’ve ever watched. It took him a full 12 minutes to get to the substance of his talk, and because he wasted so much time endearing himself to the audience, he didn’t have time to get into it. I feel like he’s got something really profound to say, but didn’t actually get to say it in that talk.

    The questions i would start asking in response are things like: What implications does this have for the value of challenging the status quo in non-educational settings (e.g. climate change, intelligent design)? What are the economic implications of fully-customised education? What does actually happen to those “left behind” – do they simply never learn things like how to add and spell correctly? Do they get educated in completely different institutions where academic pursuits are de-emphasised?

    Does he have any books on the topic?