Adode Audition vs Logic Pro X – price wins

On the podcast, Ethan uses Adobe Audition for editing and I’ve been using Apple Logic Pro 9. With the new release of Logic Pro X, I considered switching to Audition so we were compatible. I’m not a fan of Adobe as a company who have a history of doing what’s best for Adobe and not their customers.

Adobe wants to charge £17.58 per month or £210.96 per annum for their Audition on a subscription.


I can buy Logic Pro X outright for £139.99.

Logic pro pricing 1

I expect Logic Pro X to have at least two year life which means £139 vs £421 is a huge difference in cost. I have no investment in either platform since podcast editing is reasonably straight forward. Not much magic happening.

Decision: My computer will continue to have zero Adobe products installed. It was a close call there for a few minutes. I’m nothing if not flexible though.


2 responses to “Adode Audition vs Logic Pro X – price wins”

  1. I do some fairly complex editing and I have never needed anything more than the OOS Audacity. That would be even cheaper.