All Sides of a Conversation in Lion OSX Mail

Apple Mail in Lion lets you see not only the conversations in email, but with this small change, you can see your own replies in the thread.

By default, you can see only the email that is sent TO you, but it’s much more useful to see what you sent – thus follow the entire conversation.

then select the expand all conversations from the menu lie so:

and the full conversation looks like this:

This suits the way I work since I don’t track all my conversations very closely and I can check what I’ve said at previous times.

2 responses to “All Sides of a Conversation in Lion OSX Mail”

  1. I found the first step is enough to get the desired result in the view pane. The second step just made the selection pane change from showin the last email with a number of messages on the right to an expanded view of blue highlighted previous messages that can be clicked on singularly.