Apple MackBook USB-C Connector is a “Docking Station”


Many people look at the Apple USB-C port on the MacBook and complain about missing ports on the computers. I see the docking station accessory I have always wanted.

  • A single plug that connects to all the devices when I get to my desk.
  • One day (I hope) my desk would have an Apple display that can provide power for the dongle. (Can’t find how my Thunderbolt displays with MagSafe will connect to USB-C yet)
  • Then I have only a single connector when docking my Macbook at home
  • I have no plans to buy a MacBook today, not enough RAM, CPU or storage to be useful in 2015.
  • But hopeful of MacBook Pro refresh later this year if money permits.



3 responses to “Apple MackBook USB-C Connector is a “Docking Station””

  1. Surely the docking station of the future will be a monitor that supplies power and connectivity via a USB-C connector.

    Apple could have easily put a second USB C connector on the MB as the new ChromeBook pixel does e.g. for people to charge their phone but decided we need a clunky adapter instead :-(