Author: Greg Ferro

  • Todays Music Is Chill, Again

    Stumbled over new chill/ambient channel on Youtube this weekend that has some nice tunes for playing in the background while working. A lot of music there for a newish channel which suggests something odd. Maybe get some of it downloaded before it disappears.

  • What Spotify Gets From Podcasting

    Its not a single thing, there are multiple positive impacts to Spotify business. Podcasts replace music listening. A quick win because time spent listening to podcast means less fees to music companies. Music licensing is the single largest cost Spotify has. Better negotiation power with music companies. Spotify has no negotiation power with big music. […]

  • Review of Audry for Podcasters

    I’ve looked into ‘Audry for Podcasters’ which, from my view, is an lame attempt to aggregate a bunch of low value podcasts whose operators that are incompetent at making their own connections and business. Why ? So you can to exploit them by spaffing low quality, high volume ads onto their shows while arbitraging the […]

  • Empty sets – BBC Archive

    These are delightful piece of British culture if you are into Zoom backgrounds. Give your video calls a makeover, with this selection of over 100 empty sets from the BBC Archive. Empty sets – BBC Archive :