Beer, Theology and the Existence of Free Will

Greg: I think the $gods are trying to tell me something. I’ve walked past the bottle of beer that I put on the kitchen bench seven times and forgotten to open it and drink it.

Greg: Beginning to wonder if I have free will.

Friend: Heh. I wrote a seminary paper on that. From a theological perspective, we can’t possibly have free will. No resolution to that conundrum. Or most of the other ones about God.

Greg: I choose to express my free will by having that beer.

Friend: And flout the gods you shall.

Greg: I win – I have opened and commenced consumption. I am inspired.

Friend: Or were you just manipulated?? Ah…there’s the rub.

Greg: I am Perseus, the Gods torment me but they won’t determine my life. And I am drinking a beer.

Friend: See, God exists. You have beer.

One response to “Beer, Theology and the Existence of Free Will”

  1. Ironic that the ad frame for this blog post came with ad for alcohol addiction. Perhaps the $gods work their mysterious ways through Adwords? :-)