Image: Happy Elephant

I enjoyed this picture of a happy elephant in a waterfall and blowing water out his trunk.


Image: IBM - Communist or Capitalist

Check out this songbook from IBM in 1937 that reads like a communist manifesto for the workers to celebrate their collective efforts to:

“Our Leaders we revere”

“For the EVER ONWARD I.B.M.”

Oh my. That’s some weird arse crud right there.


Source: Retronaut 1937 : The IBM Songbook

Image: Computer Programs for the Kitchen

Sigh for a lost era. I mean, check out the clothes that guy is wearing, who does that any more ?

Computer programs kitchen

An English Drawing Room


The drawing room at my hotel. I love this style

Spring song for meditation


We wait for the life rising in Spring and the leaves and flowers to arrive. Birds and traffic noise speak of both nature and life.

Fireplace Gun


Not a great photo but many pubs and hotels in the UK have old historic weapons like this as decoration. This is a field rifle from the 18th century if I remember right, the front would have been supported by a stand, and would require two men to fire it. Useful against armoured knights to dismount them - knights were easy targets when off their horses.

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