SD-WAN Night of Nerdery Nov 2015 with Viptela

Quick post to publish some photos from the Viptela Night of Nerdery event on SD-WAN held at the Flatiron Bar in New York last night that I have collected from social media. (I hope people don’t mind, I wasnt able to track where I got them from)

If anyone else has some photos I would love to have them - email them to

This was a live event timed to start after the ONUG conference was finished for the day. We brought the portable recording deck, a lot of cables and recorded a show with a lot of audience engagement.

It was awesome. I’m glad its over. Can’t wait to do it again.










The Crowd From the back IMG_0300

IMG_0301 IMG_0298

Travels Jan-Aug 2015

A collection of photos from the last six months. Significant events:

Paris - to meet family. I hate Paris, its truly awful.

Interop Las Vegas - Speaking and meeting people.

New York - recording a live show, meetings in tall office towers in Manhattan and ONUG.

Beers - in my local pubs.

[gallery columns=“2” link=“file” size=“medium” ids=“3030,3042,3040,3028,3029,3031,3032,3037,3038,3033,3027,2926,3050,3043,3045,3046,3048,3047,3039,3041,3044,3049”]

Recent Beers for Reddit

Some beers I have drunk recently.

IMG_1428 IMG_1417 IMG_1369

Photo: Cirencester 20141009

I was in Cirencester, England for a meeting last week and this building caught my eye. I wish I had time to know it purpose and learn some more about it but the pictures are dramatic and pleasing.




Made it to Friday #BeerOclock


My Application To Be 008 Has Finally Been Actioned




Not really, just a tax notice. Sigh,


Just One Cup of Coffee






How big does a coffee cup need to be ?

This big. IMG_1213

Ducks Gonna Swim

Haters gonna hate, duck’s are gonna swim dukc-gonna-swim

Sunrise on the Commute

                Stopped to appreciate the sunrise this morning on the drive to work

Family Circle



Saw this t-shirt at Cisco Live 2013.


A bit.

Stroud Train station September 2013

                Stroud Train station September  2013

STFC Scientific Computing

Scientific Computing. Who knew ?