SD-WAN Night of Nerdery Nov 2015 with Viptela

Quick post to publish some photos from the Viptela Night of Nerdery event on SD-WAN held at the Flatiron Bar in New York last night that I have collected from social media. (I hope people don’t mind, I wasnt able to track where I got them from)

If anyone else has some photos I would love to have them - email them to

This was a live event timed to start after the ONUG conference was finished for the day. We brought the portable recording deck, a lot of cables and recorded a show with a lot of audience engagement.

It was awesome. I’m glad its over. Can’t wait to do it again.










The Crowd From the back IMG_0300

IMG_0301 IMG_0298

Travels Jan-Aug 2015

A collection of photos from the last six months. Significant events:

Paris - to meet family. I hate Paris, its truly awful.

Interop Las Vegas - Speaking and meeting people.

New York - recording a live show, meetings in tall office towers in Manhattan and ONUG.

Beers - in my local pubs.

[gallery columns=“2” link=“file” size=“medium” ids=“3030,3042,3040,3028,3029,3031,3032,3037,3038,3033,3027,2926,3050,3043,3045,3046,3048,3047,3039,3041,3044,3049”]

Recent Beers for Reddit

Some beers I have drunk recently.

IMG_1428 IMG_1417 IMG_1369

Photo: Cirencester 20141009

I was in Cirencester, England for a meeting last week and this building caught my eye. I wish I had time to know it purpose and learn some more about it but the pictures are dramatic and pleasing.




My Application To Be 008 Has Finally Been Actioned




Not really, just a tax notice. Sigh,


Just One Cup of Coffee






How big does a coffee cup need to be ?

This big. IMG_1213

Ducks Gonna Swim

Haters gonna hate, duck’s are gonna swim dukc-gonna-swim

Sunrise on the Commute

                Stopped to appreciate the sunrise this morning on the drive to work

Family Circle



Saw this t-shirt at Cisco Live 2013.


A bit.

Stroud Train station September 2013

                Stroud Train station September  2013

STFC Scientific Computing

Scientific Computing. Who knew ?