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Creme Brulèe Soufflé Pancake

Suspending everything to fly to Taiwan or Hong Kong immediately.

So, Gutenberg Didn’t Actually Invent the Printing Press | Literary Hub

The article outlines how Gutenberg copied the ideas of movable type  printing from Asia. I think he was successful because he made the bible widely available and ultimately led to mass production and scale. There was widespread opposition to printing presses on the basis that uneducated people would be damaged by reading or accessing knowledge. […]

The Internet Road

Indulging a whimsy while drinking coffee in the sunshine this morning. The random music playlist started playing Telegraph Road from Dire Straits today and my mind latched onto this section And the dirty old track was the telegraph roadThen came the mines – then came the oreThen there was the hard times then there was […]

Hell No I Don’t Want a Job in San Francisco

Social Media Not Sorry

Saw these tweets from Walt Mossberg which I strongly agree with. There is no remorse or acceptance of the damage caused by social media tech giants.

Video:HELSREACH: The Movie – Vol. 1

This is just amazing work and recommended watching. Movie length, high grade video set in the Warhammer universe. I do enjoy some Warhammer from time to time although the relentless darkness does become tedious. This is an excellent, self-made movie done by a professional on their own time. Parts 1-10 are contained in the Movie […]

Dido – Still on My Mind

Its been a long time since I listened to a new album on repeat.

Wired Phones Made Us Free

Deleted Instagram

Couple of things.  I started using Instagram as space to share personal photos of what I am doing. When I started, the app was fun, delightful even and I kind of sharing images and photos of a personal nature but not on twitter.  The last few months my dissatisfaction has been growing. I found the […]

London November 2018

3 days in London. A photo journal Lets start with cronut, you know those fancy food things that you have to book. Staying in Camden Town And the tube station is rather pretty because its tiled. Most tube stations are dreary and time for a pint And a quick snack We were saying how glorious […]