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Legacy of War – A five-year photographic project exploring the long-term effects of conflict globally. Stories and images by Giles Duley. : Legacy of War


Tanzania orders all unregistered bloggers to take down their sites | Reuters

Registration costs about a years salary.

I Am Not Well But Am Coping

I’m running at fifty percent.

Video: Simon Sinek on Millennials in the Workplace

The challenges of younger people in the modern era are not the same as those I had.

Some Time Without Purpose

Yesterday was unusual. I had some time off. First, my local hospital. I’m not sick but I have been delinquent in regular fleshy maintenance in meatspace and I’ve made it a priority to get these tasks done in 2016. I will have another minor surgery in a few months time (would have been better to […]


Dragonfruit is a real thing. I wonder why I’m eating it. Tastes like looks, cross between a kiwi fruit and crocodile steaks.

Things Are Making Me Stupid

Everywhere I turn the INTERNET OF THINGS is headline news. Lightbulbs, activity monitoring, hours sleep, hours awake and hours spent “in the zone”. The first tier is quasi-rabid neo-capitalists of silicon valley who are working on guaranteeing their privilege by controlling the message of the techno-utopians in silicon valley. The second tier is middle class […]

On Having Favourites and Location Beers

I don’t really have a favourite coffee shop. For me, a coffee shop is a place to rest, a place to wait between meetings, a place to have meetings, to meet friends. The best coffee shop is one that is in the right location  (except for Starbucks, which has the same atmosphere as a production line in a […]

The Last Time I Knew Everything

There have been times in my life  when I was arrogant enough to think that I knew most everything. As I get older, I don’t regret being stupid because that’s just life. What I regret is not learning this lesson when I was younger. Which, of course, is pointless. You have to get older to have made […]

I Beat Cancer at 19 But I’m Still Fighting To Be Healthy

I beat cancer when I was nineteen. Thirty years later I still have legacy health issues. But, hey, I’m not dead.